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Josh Kopelman, W’93

First Round

Josh founded First Round in 2004 to reinvent seed-stage investing. And since that time the firm has invested in over 200 emerging technology startups – becoming one of the most active venture capital firms in the country.

A serial entrepreneur, in 1992, while he was a student at Wharton, Josh co-founded InfonauticsCorporation – and took it public on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1996. Josh founded Half.com in July of 1999, and led it to become one of the largest sellers of used books, movies and music in the world. Half.com was acquired by eBay in July 2000. In late 2003 Josh helped to found TurnTide, an anti-spam company that created the world’s first anti-spam router. TurnTide was acquired by Symantec just six months later.

Josh earned a Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing from Wharton.